Saturday, 19 December 2009

First post........last post? i am. I've been contemplating for a while now whether to start a blog or not, but with the new year approaching and plenty to say about the past year, i thought 'fuck it, why not'

The main reason i never started a blog was i never had anything to name it after, so i named it after exactly what was infront of me, a mug of tea, an angel cake and 3 sticks of pritt stick. I put aside the cuttings of paper, general shit and other rubbish on my table....why am i even writing this will probably even read it...or care...but none the less i shall carry on. Full of wisdom, wit and enthusiam.... but without the wit, i've come to terms i'm a pretty unwitty person, and not really that funny either. More of a laugh at funny, than laugh with... ANYWAY i think this was a pretty ok first post. I think i should make my intentions of what i hope to achieve from this blog clear now...

1. I intend to actually post some of my work on this.... so i should probably start doing something worthy of showing to the public world...

2. I hope to put up some pretty funny stories/ mishaps about my life, and those around me.

3. No content is ever meant to hurt/offend anyone EVER...unless its blatently obvious.

4. I will write regularly as i'm sure the many of you following me will be eagerly awaiting every one of my posts... oh how many is that following me...none... OH

well thats me. over and out. peace to all.