Friday, 8 January 2010


now the hype for the new year is over, i couldnt be more unimpressed with how 2010 is panning out. it feels exactly like 2009, my pathetic new years resulotions are out of the window, my uni house STILL has fleas, my work is........well once i've actually starting doing some work i can finish that sentence. why is life so shit? please if someone could answer this for me i would pay good dollar.

people always make so many plans for the new year, change routines, be happier improve basically in every aspect of life, thier peers and family encourage and strive them to work harder and say that anything is possible.....cheers people. this should'nt be said, 2010 will be exactly the same as 2009, people will still hate you, everyone around you will be as shit as ever, you will be lonely, uninspired and retarded for the rest of your life.... the sooner people learn to come to terms with this they will be able to make the most of there miserable pathetic excuses for a life, and its much better than constantly failing.

i hate the horoscopes for the year aswell, you will find love, his name will begin with a P... really though, will i really.... no, i definitely will not.

Dillinja feel my pain is the song of the day.

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